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If you have physical custody of your kid or are worried about his or her ex-spouse or partner abduction risk, there are certain things you can do to decrease the danger. With our considerable expertise in domestic and international child abduction cases, Professional Corporation can provide key insight on this crucial subject. Take advantage of the opportunity to review the

Preventing Parental Child Abduction: What You Can Do About It

The first step you may take to avoid child abduction is to try and reach an agreement on custody and access arrangements with your ex-spouse/partner, whether you are both willing. You’re avoiding conflict and removing any incentive he or she has to steal your kid in the process.

If you have any concerns about your child being kidnapped, contact a lawyer immediately and tell the authorities so that they may advise you on initial steps to take in order to locate your kid if he or she is taken. This concern might be exacerbated if your spouse is a dual citizen or has a large number of family members who live in another province or country. As a result, you should maintain touch with relatives of your spouse in other provinces or countries. You should keep yourself informed on all of his or her details, such as job location, phone number, house address, and so on. Also, make sure you have up-to-date color pictures of your child and that he or she understands how

Another thing you should do is make sure your custody order is as detailed and specific as possible, noting both parents’ rights to custody or access. Also include a provision prohibiting travel without the permission of both parents or the court, and the surrender of all travel documents to the custodial parent.

Other methods for preventing your child from being taken away include:

  • The court may also require you to submit your child’s passport or other travel documents with the fees.
  • A certification that, if the kid is abducted, the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction will apply (provided the country is a signatory and in agreement with Canada); and
  • This is the type of clause that requires a bond to be posted if the non-custodial parent takes their kid abroad with them. This bond would be forfeited to the other parent should the child be taken or retained illegally.

Ensure that you have made many copies of the order after obtaining it and distributed them to any authorities who may be acting in loco parentis, such as your child’s school, a doctor, or other authority figures.

Put your child’s name on the Passport Control List

You may also want to have your child’s name added to the Passport Control List, which will notify authorities whenever your kid travels and uses his or her passport. You can reach out to the Passport Canada office for this procedure. Only a custodial parent has the authority to add his or her child’s name on the control list.

Checklists to Assist in the Event of a Child Abduction

The following checklists are included in the government of Canada’s manual on international child abductions: International Child Abductions: A Manual for Parents, which offers the following data you should have at all times and should compile if your youngster is taken..

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