Divorce Stats in Canada: Facts and Figures

Divorce Stats in Canada: Facts and Figures

Are you or someone you know going through a divorce? You’re probably not shocked to learn that divorce is common in Canada. Unfortunately, Statistics Canada has not kept track of divorce statistics since 2011. However, we still have fascinating facts and figures from prior to 2011, as well as data from different sources that do offer us some interesting information on current trends

  • In Canada, a study estimates that 40% of marriages will end in divorce or separation.
  • In Canada, the average time of a marriage is expected to be around 14 years.
  • In uncontested divorces, the divorce is essentially discussed without going to court. This means that rather than engaging in a courtroom fight over their divorce, these individuals are resolving their issues outside of court or avoiding it altogether.
  • The average total cost of a divorce is between $1,700 and $15,000. Why such a wide range? Divorce proceedings that are uncontested in court or conclude through the use of a Separation Agreement have lower costs. The latter figure reflects those situations where parties are engaged in legal battle over their divorce (also known as a contentious
  • It is estimated that around 20% of Canadians have parents who are divorcees or separated.
  • Divorce is a major change in one’s life, and the prospect of finding someone new to spend the rest of your life with can be daunting. According to statistics, 88 percent of divorced relationships do not intend to remarry.

Top reasons why people get separated or divorced

There are many causes of marital dissolution, according to surveys conducted by various organizations. It appears that a disparity in values and interests is the most common reason for separation or divorce. This isn’t surprising at all. Having differing values and interests is one of the most common reasons for couples to separate.

Abusive treatment, substance abuse difficulties, and adultery are all leading causes of separation or divorce. Regardless of the cause, Canada’s divorce statistics indicate that it is a major problem.

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