Family Mediation

Careful, Resourceful, and Efficient Family Lawyers Family Mediation in Niagara-on-the-lake Family Mediation offers a variety of services to families in need. We have a team of experienced mediators who can help you resolve your family dispute. We offer mediation services for couples, parents, and children. We also offer parenting education and support services. We can help you create a parenting plan that works for your family. We offer a range of other services, including divorce mediation, child custody mediation, and marriage counseling. We are here to help you resolve your family conflict.

Conflict Resolution Family Mediation offers a variety of services to help individuals, couples and families address and resolve conflicts. We provide mediation services for couples, parents, children and other family members who need assistance in coming to agreements. Our family mediators use communication techniques and problem-solving skills to help you find creative solutions to your disputes.

Divorce Mediation

If you are facing divorce, Family Mediation can help you through the process. We provide divorce mediation services that can assist you in negotiating the terms of your divorce in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our experienced mediators will work with both parties to ensure an agreement is reached that is fair for all involved.

Child Custody Mediation Family Mediation also provides child custody mediation services. During these sessions, our mediators will facilitate discussion between both parent/s and ensure that arrangements are made that prioritize the best interest of the child/ren involved. We approach each case with empathy and understanding while advocating for the rights of everyone involved.

Parenting Education

Our team at Family Mediation can help you create a parenting plan that works best for your family’s needs. Through our parenting education program, we help families develop effective strategies for communication and parenting so they can create harmony within their households.

Marriage Counseling

Our specialized marriage counselors at Family Mediation offer insight into couple dynamics as well as tools to cope with relationship issues such as trust, communication problems and infidelity. We understand how hard it can be to stay positive during difficult times, but our goal is always to ensure that couples have a healthy relationship where both partners feel supported and respected..

Estate Mediation Family Mediation also provides estate mediation services. We understand how difficult and emotionally charged estate disputes can be, and our goal is to help resolve issues in a timely and effective manner. Our mediators are experienced in finding creative solutions to complex disputes, while also taking into account the needs of all parties that are involved.

Estate Mediation Family Mediation is committed to ensuring the rights of grandparents are respected. We provide mediation services for grandparents who need help navigating their family dispute. Our team has experience helping both minor and adult grandchildren who may not have access to their grandparent/s due to various family disagreements. We strive to ensure that grandchildren maintain meaningful relationships with their grandparents even when facing difficult parenting or custody arrangements.

Our Commitment To Quality

At, we take our commitment to quality seriously. We strive to deliver the best possible solutions and advice based on a thorough understanding of the family’s unique needs and circumstances. Our experienced professionals are here to provide you with all the information, resources and support you need at every step of the process. We understand that reaching an agreement is only successful if all parties involved feel respected, heard and that their interests have been fully considered. This is why we approach each case with an open mind and strive to ensure equitable outcomes for everyone involved. If you would like to learn more about our services or speak to one of our professionals about how we can help your family reach a resolution, please contact us today!

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