Family Responsibility Office (FRO)

Introducing the Family Responsibility Office in Ontario

Are you responsible for someone else’s financial support in Ontario? You may be familiar with the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) – a service that helps to make sure that payments are collected and distributed appropriately. The FRO is an office located within the Ministry of Community and Social Services in Ontario, Canada. It is responsible for enforcing court-ordered child and spousal support payments, as well as other maintenance orders from courts or administrative tribunals. The FRO also helps people who are having difficulties receiving payments from payors who don’t abide by their court order.

Keeping track of arrears balances;

The FRO can help keep track of any delinquent or overdue payments, or arrears balance due to an individual. They will provide regular updates on progress with payment collection efforts and inform family members if payments remain outstanding.

Informing family members when payments have not been made;

If a payment remains outstanding after 18 days, the FRO will send out notifications informing family members when payments have not been made. This allows them to stay informed about their accounts so they can take action if needed.

Helping with payment collection efforts;

If a payor is unable to pay the full amount due, the FRO can help set up an arrangement on how much they can pay each month until the full amount has been satisfied. The FRO also works closely with employers where a garnishment order has been issued to ensure regular payments are made until all arrears have been cleared.

Keeping records of income and asset information;

The FRO keeps detailed records of income and asset information from any party involved in a court-ordered support agreement or maintenance order – including employers and those paying into the account– so that families receive what they are entitled to promptly.

Arranging automatic deductions where possible;

For those looking for a more convenient way to manage their accounts, the FRO offers an automated deduction option which allows families to set up pre-authorized monthly payments directly from their bank account or through credit card transactions. This helps protect families from falling behind on their required payments while providing convenience at the same time.

Working with Ontario Works (OW), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), and Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services programs in collecting support payments.

In addition to helping individuals collect their own support orders, the FRO also works closely with OW, ODSP and other social services programs administered by provincial ministries in collecting support payments owed by individuals who benefit from these services. By having these organizations involved in this process, it ensures that families receive timely financial assistance as needed without putting any extra strain on individuals already living on tight budgets.

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