How to File Divorce In Ontario

How to File Divorce in Ontario

Divorce is a difficult and emotional process, especially when it involves filing the paperwork in the province of Ontario. While the process may seem daunting at first, there are a few steps that you can take to make it easier. This guide will walk you through how to file for divorce in Ontario so that you can get your life back on track.

Apply for a divorce

To apply for a divorce in Ontario, you must fill out an Application for Divorce Form 8A and send it to the court either in person or by mail. You’ll need to include details such as your names and address and information about any children from the marriage, if applicable. If you’re sending the form by mail, make sure to include two copies of Form 8A with all required documents enclosed.

Serve divorcing papers

Once your form is received by the court, it will be prepared and served on your spouse or partner. The server must fill out an Affidavit of Service and provide it to you before filing your case with the court. Your completed divorce package should contain an affidavit of service, application form 8A with your signature and those of any witnesses who witnessed their signing of the agreement, and all other supporting documents necessary for processing your divorce.

Finalize papers

After serving papers have been finalized, both parties involved in the divorce must use forms from Family Law Rules (Rule 5) which outline how assets should be divided, who should pay child support or spousal support if applicable, etc., before submitting them to court for consideration by a judge or family law officer (FLO). Both parties must sign these forms before sending them off to court along with proof that the papers were served properly (the affidavit).

Attending Court Hearing

Depending on whether both parties agree about all issues related to their divorce such as child custody/support or property division/support matters addressed during mediation (if applicable), then paperwork can be submitted directly to court without requiring legal representation or attending a hearing where both parties attend court together with their lawyers/representatives present if applicable; however even if both parties have agreed upon everything prior to submitting their complete paperwork they may still need to attend one last hearing at court where final approval is granted by a judge based upon what has been filed before officially ending their marriage status in law through granting of a Decree Absolute which states that they are no longer legally married & are now free agents when dealing with matters related solely between them as individuals like remarriage & claiming certain benefits that depend on marital status such as death benefits or disability allowances etc.

Divorce and Finances

When filing for divorce in Ontario, it’s important to also consider the financial implications of the process. Depending on the circumstances of your marriage, there could be significant financial obligations that need to be addressed as part of the divorce process. Here are a few key points to consider when dealing with finances during a divorce:

Property division

If you and your spouse own property together such as a house or car, you will need to split these assets according to the rules of division set out by the Family Law Act in Ontario. This process can be handled through mediation or resolved at trial if both parties cannot agree on their own.

Spousal support

If children are involved in the divorce proceedings, either party may owe child support payments as determined by court order or agreement between both parties in advance. The amount is based on factors such as income levels and parenting time that each parent has with their children.

Child support

In some cases, one party may have to pay spousal support (sometimes referred to as “alimony”) which is money paid from one former partner (the paying spouse) to another (the receiving spouse). The purpose of spousal support is usually to help offset any financial impact caused by divorce proceedings and ensure that both spouses are able to maintain an appropriate standard of living after separation.


Any debts owed by either party must be addressed during the divorce proceedings either through agreements between both parties or court orders. It’s important to note that all debts remain with each person until they are formally discharged/paid so make sure that all debts are included in negotiations/outlined in paperwork prior to finalizing anything!

Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Before taking the steps to file for divorce in Ontario, here are some important things to consider:


Are there any other options available such as counselling or mediation that could help solve any issues between you and your partner? If you can resolve conflicts without going through the full legal process, this may be beneficial in terms of time, cost and overall emotional strain.


If divorce is unavoidable, then it is important that both parties establish some ground rules before filing paperwork. This could include things like how to divide property, child support payments and/or spousal support arrangements etc. Both parties will also need to sign a separation agreement outlining these conditions which then needs to be filed with the court in order for the divorce proceedings to proceed.


Going through a divorce can be financially draining due to legal fees and other expenses associated with proceedings such as mediation or court costs. Make sure you have an accurate understanding of your finances prior to filing so that you know what resources are available in order to cover all necessary expenses throughout the process.

Future planning

It’s important to think ahead when considering a divorce – make sure you have goals set out for after the proceedings are complete so that it’s easier to move forward with life once everything has been finalized by the courts! This could include setting aside money for retirement, creating a budget or investing in yourself through education or training programs.

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